Protect Your Innovation with Patent, Copyright, Trademark

Protect Your Innovation

Protect Your Idea with Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks

How We Work

Unlike other Intellectual Property Rights firms that are solely focused on the law, we focus on the engineering and innovation aspect in order to be the right partner in your innovation journey.

We are engineers by passion, and love to sit down with our clients to understand all the nuances of the innovation, starting from a high level overview, and going all the way down to the last nuts and bolts.

This enables us to fully understand the merits of the innovation and helps us guide our clients to obtain the optimum protection of their intellectual property.

How to apply for Patent in India?

All our Patent Attorneys are registered with the Indian Patent Office and have the ability to quickly navigate the system to ensure a smooth and error-free patent application for your innovation.

All our associates work closely with the Indian Patent Office and has first-hand information about the latest and greatest patenting capabilities offered by the Indian Patent system.

Very impressed with the whole team. The process was very smooth, well managed, highly updated, and the best part was that the design registrations were completed without a lot of effort from our end.

Ashu S.
Vice President (Design) of a textile manufacturing company

The amount of guidance I got during the whole process really put me at ease about the whole patenting lifecycle. I am very pleased and would highly recommend the team.

Raghu B.
Lead Inventor of a packaging material company

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